Submitting an application through this website constitutes your electronic signature. Any recordcontaining an electronic signature shall be deemed for all purposes to have been “signed” and willconstitute an “original” when printed from electronic records established and maintained by My Pet Funding, LLC or its agents in the normal course of business. Upon Funding, LLC request, User agrees to manually sign or placeUser’s signature on any paper original of any electronic record that My Pet Funding, LLC provides to User containing User’s purported electronic signature

  1. I have read the privacy policy information about the use of electronic records to provideDisclosures and other communications, and the use of electronic signatures in connection withmy lease application and account.

  2. I consent to the use of electronic records to provide disclosures and electronic signatures inconnection with my lease application and account in place of written documents andhandwritten signatures.

  3. I am able to view this consent. I am also able to download and review files within a web browser.

  4. I have an account with an internet service provider and I am able to send e-mail and receive email with hyperlinks to websites.

  5. I am consenting on behalf of all other co-applicants and co-owners of an account, if applicable. If applicable, I am authorized to consent on their behalf.

  6. I acknowledge and agree that acceptance of this Notice and Consent Regarding ElectronicDelivery of Disclosures inures to the benefit of My Pet Funding, LLC, its affiliates, agents, employees,successors, and assigns.